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If your business is based in Kent, Cornwall or Norfolk, you could attract more tourists travelling by bike, by getting accredited for free as a Cycle Friendly Place.

There’s never been a better time to become a Cycle Friendly Place

Does your business go the extra mile to welcome cyclists? If you are based in Kent, Cornwall, or Norfolk, then our new accreditation scheme is for you. 

Specially designed by Cycling UK, experts in leisure cycling, as part of the EXPERIENCE programme, Cycle Friendly Places accreditation will help you make the most of year-round tourism and meet the needs of visitors who are travelling by bike,  

It’s easy to apply; just complete the online form to assess what you already do for cycle visitors, and if you’re successful you’ll be accredited for free and receive a brilliant range of benefits. 

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Learn more about the Cycle Friendly Places programme.

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Why go for Cycle Friendly Places accreditation?

During the pandemic, the UK saw 169% more trips taken by bike. An increase in staycations, avoiding crowds and exploring nature have impacted where we go and how we travel, so sustainable, environmentally friendly, year-round experiences have never been more important. 

Cycle Friendly Places accreditation makes it easy for small and medium businesses to be officially recognised as cycle friendly, attracting cyclists – both locally and holidaymakers – to come and enjoy a great experience, which is great for your business.  

Watch the video to find out how easy and beneficial accreditation can be. 

What’s in it for my business?

Not only will you be officially accredited, you’ll also receive an excellent package of support from Cycling UK, including: 

Free publicity, with our 71,000 membership base hearing about your business, plus Cycle Magazine readership of 86,000, over 600 affiliated cycling clubs, and hundreds of thousands social media followers. 

Free cycling equipment, helping you be even more cycle friendly for your customers with a free starter pack including a pump, tools, a puncture repair kit and a first aid kit, as well as a free cycle planter

Increased visibility and recognition by listing your business on our experience county maps exposing your business to anyone planning their cycle trip.  

Support with marketing and promotions, via online training opportunities and free guides. 

Apply today and start to benefit from being a Cycle Friendly Place. 

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Still need convincing?

Cycle tourism provides a valuable opportunity for your business:

  • 79% of cyclists said that a business recognised as Cycle Friendly would be more appealing. 
  • Cycling contributes £5.4 billion a year to the UK economy.
  • Locally, people who walk and cycle take more trips (16 and 12 visits respectively, compared to 8 for cars) to the high street over the course of a month.
  • There are 1.23m overnight cycle trips per year in the UK, contributing around £443m – with an average spend of £360 per trip or £46.75 per day.
  • Cycle parking delivers 5 times the retail spend per square metre than the same area of car parking.

Find out more about the benefits by reading our benefits of cycle tourism factsheet.

Attracting cyclists and encouraging sustainable travel and tourism, means tapping into a huge market, which means more customers.

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Complete our online assessment to become Cycle Friendly Accredited

Discover exciting new places to cycle in our county guides

Discover exciting new places to cycle in our county guides

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